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January 10, 2008



The cables are gorgeous! Can you explain a little how you use Excel for knitting? I am so curious. Kelley I just listened to the latest podcast. I also have adult onset asthma! I got it in my early 40's. It is not terrible, but before I was diagnosed it did just what you described- slowed me down. I never felt right. It will get better! I never thought you sounded slowed down- I just thought you didn't sound quite like your perky self. Even though your voice didn't sound quite the same, your content was fabulous and interesting as always. Your fans are loyal! We would NEVER leave you for ANY reason!!
Knitting is a huge help for my asthma, by the way. It calms me and the breathing becomes deeper and slower.


Thank you for the visual. I really was having difficulty 'seeing' what you were describing. The colors certainly would be helpful. I look forward to seeing the sweater completed!


oh it's lovely! I just need to finish my hurry-up sweater...*hurries*...


and here I thought I was the only geek who rewrote instructions in the computer so I could more easily follow them! I love the Excel spreadsheet, makes it SOOOO easy to follow the various patterns around through all the repeats.

I'm new to your podcasts, they are all downloaded to my ipod and onto CDs so I can listen wherever I am -- they have been a godsend on my drive to and from work. I've been loving my Harmony needles as well, for me they combine the best of all worlds -- smoothness of metal, warmth of wood and beauty for my eyes. Thank you so much for developing them!

Trish in MD

Omigosh I love the sweater already. And you're right that color is GOR-GEOUS!!! (When will it be available?)

I am an "ample" woman and I love cabled sweaters but am always afraid that they increase the Pilsbury Doughboy effect to my overall look. I'd love to somehow have a flattering cabled sweater someday.

The Purple Monster made me add a bunch of Amethyst Heather WoTA yarn to my stash on the KP site today, but I'm going to wait for the Onyx heather to become available before buying. The colors look so pretty! I see you have a pure white coming out, too. I've been waiting for that...

You guys ok? I heard on the news about some really nasty weather out your way today.

Looking forward to the next Podcast,


Kathy in KS

Wow, that is some spreadsheet. You are the queen of cabling and excel-ing. By the way, I may have a new convert for you...my almost 10 year old son was helping me pack my yarn for our trip to Hawaii, and bless his heart, grabs my essentials and palette and asks if I'll have any leftover from whatever I'm going to make with them. I showed him the catalog and the prices and said we could order some for him after our trip, since your prices are so good. He's so excited!


Beautiful pattern, and I think your spreadsheet is a brilliant idea. I have trouble keeping track of my place, and that would help immensly. How long did it take you to put together?

Karen M

Looks GORGEOUS....
What color is that? I can't wait to send you pics of mine, because I've been doing the same, breaking the rounds up into little pieces is the ONLY way to go. Yep, aran knit weekend it is!
K =)

Karen Bacon

Wow! That sweater is absolutely wonderful!! I have to wait until I go to my daughter's house to download the spreadsheet because I use a MAC. Than I can convert the spreadsheet to mine with my choices and my size. Thanks so much for your help. Hope you all aren't floating away today.

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