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January 11, 2008



Did I miss a posting about the hurry up sweater? Is it finished?

No, Susan, you didn't miss anything. I'm still working on the Hurry Up Sweater but the progress is so slow you wouldn't notice any change. Hopefully, this weekend will be productive for both sweaters! :)



Wow, I am impressed with your organizational skills---when I make an aran I have tons of post-it-notes which leaves room for error-this is much better-I will send you my next aran pattern to 'translate' it to a spread sheet for me :) The work and color is beautiful!


Kelly, You must have a different Knit Picks WOOL OF THE ANDES COLOR CARD than I do. I have 2 color cards - Solid Colors & Heathered Colors. Is Wheat a new color? I will check the Knit Picks websight and see if I am missing a color card ** Should I be reordering these color cards each season? What do you recommend? ** By the way, I shop exclusively Knit Picks now BECAUSE no yarn store in the Portland area has a good selection of good worsted weight yarns - can you believe it? It's true! (Specifically 4.5-5 stitches to the inch). And, if I do find a color I like, then they do not have the amount I need & nobody seems to have a good selection of heathers or similar to your Shamrock line. ** I also listen religiously to your podcast. I hope you aren't thinking about cancelling it! I'd be so upset! Starr


WOW! This is fab. I just finished an Aran that I did in about a month. In worsted it should be totally doable!


I love your use of a spreadsheet for organizing your varying repeat pattern rows of the aran. When you first mentioned the technique I was trying to imagine how you used it...thanks for the images! It is an excellent approach for people who are venturing into repeat patterned knitting of any kind. It really helps in achieving the rhythm of knitting that is so important to the enjoyment and the quality.

Thanks also for your podcasts, I look forward to them every Friday, it is such a pleasure to listen to them.

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