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March 14, 2008



The Spindolyn sounds like fun. It sort of looks like Xena's tail is coming out of your Go Knit pouch! I also see that your Go Knit pouch coordinates with your top and scarf.


those blue and brown are very flattering on you. great color choices. i've heard you say you are a fall but the icy blue is a winter shade, isn't it. maybe i'll give it a try.

happy spindolyning. that's way beyond me! sticking with the store-bought stuff!


Kelly, I'm glad you're having so much fun with the spindolyn. It is such an addictive spindle. Glad to have been your enabler.

Carol (fibermaniac)


Oh, can't wait to get one. I have NEVER spun, nor wated to, but since Carol was your enabler, you a now mine.


Alright, so now that you've outed yourself as a fully-addicted spinner, how long until Knit Picks starts selling spinning fiber? (My husband says if you guys do, he might as well just have part of the paycheck direct deposited in your account...)

Glad you're having so much fun with the Spindolyn!

LeeAnn Walser

Your comments about the spindolyn inspired me to get out my holey wonder (a wonderful spindle made by Alden Amos). I used a small heavy crystal votive candle holder for a support on the floor and began to spin a lace weight singles using a really short draft because of the fiber's short staple.............I even ordered a niddy noddy and last night I washed and hung my skein to dry. It really looks good. I have taught spinning and been a spinning demonstrator for the DAR and for the Dallas Junior Leage docents. I started the spinning group in the Dallas Handweaver's Guild........but this spindle and an antique great wheel are the only two pieces of spinning equipment I still have. I really like the low tech aspect of this and the fact that it does not consume so much space. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will contact my old spinning buddies and see if any of them are coming to the Handweaver's Guild of America Convergence held this year in Tampa....which is pretty close to where we live. I am a great fan of your podcast, and I love the new knitting community thing. thanks for all the ways you enrich my knitting (and now spinning) life, LeeAnn Walser


Drop spindles and I have never been friends, but the spindolyn looks very tempting. I have registered for the Ontario Handspinner's Guild certification program. In addition to my wheel I need a drop or supported spindle and was not looking forward to buying one. This looks like just the thing:) BTW...LOVE your podcast.

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