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March 21, 2008



Wow! So, you actually CUT the front of the sweater. I don't think that I'm brave enough to do that! What would be the advantage to kitting and then cutting it? I learn so many new things from your blog, Kelly! Have a great little vacation!


Kelley - I'm currently working on my first steek project, thanks to your podcast a while back on this subject (yes, I now have the courage to do it). The pattern is the Ivy League vest from the Winter 08 Interweave. I'm using Palette, and I'm hoping it will all turn out. The knitting has been fun, so far! Thanks for showing this brief example of how it's done.


Hi Kelley, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the "Many Shapes of Shawls" podcast episode! (Can't find a better place to leave a comment...) I'm making my first laceweight project -- Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave stole -- using Knitpicks' Shadow. Yum.

I'm an audiobook fan, too. In fact, I volunteer at http://librivox.org, making free, public-domain audiobooks. You might find something there you like, and you can't beat the price ;-)

Looking forward to your next podcast episode! Thanks a lot!


Ugh, the comma got into my url :) that's http://librivox.org/


does anyone have a patttern for a V-neck aran mens sweater? My husband won't wear a crew neck. I am currently working off two patterns -one aran, one a patterned v-neck. Its taking a lot of calculation and trial and error! Loved the podcast on steeks-too late on this garment, definetly next time! Thanks!


You are much braver than I.

The thought of cutting a sweater gives me the chills.....shudder. I think I'll stick with socks:D


Hi Kelley! I have to read your blog every so often to keep up on your glamorous life! Hugs! Marilyn

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