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April 24, 2008



Oh my gosh, that is TOO funny! I'll have to try that the next time that I play chess with my husband, maybe I'll be able to finally beat him! In the past 12 years I have not one even one game when I play against him. Maybe knitting will give me an edge!

Hi Teish,

The reason I have the chess on my Palm is so that I can get experience without having to play with Bob!! Well, he doesn't actually play chess but if he did, I just don't think Ii could stand playing with him! Too much competition!!



I LOVE to play chess. I have a friend who was in the merchant marines that taught me to play. We once kept a game going via postcards when he was stationed in Cartagena, Columbia. Chess is a great thinking game. I teach in a public high school and our students are totally hooked on chess. Several of the teachers keep games out for the kids who finish assignments early.


I feel like I've fallen down Alice's rabbit hole with this whole chess thing! I particularly enjoy the Idiot's Guide approach. Right now I'm working through exercises that inforce my understanding of the piece moves and teach me chess notation for the moves. It's a lot of fun!!


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