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April 26, 2008



Do I see Harmony wood straight needles? Is that Europe only or a soon to be fixture needle? One of the gals at my knit night was asking if you have them.


I'm also wondering where I can buy the spoons! I have not seen them for sale here in the Bay Area.

Fun to see that we knitters are really all the same. Have you seen the ad for the movie where the elderly learn rock songs? It is symbolized by knitting needles knitting a yarn guitar - I guess the movie moguls still need to learn that not just the elderly knit! Really!


OK, now that we see those Harmony straights in that picture, please tell us how much should we be saving from our tax rebate checks to purchase full sets when you start selling them to us (you will sell them in full sets as well as single pairs, won't you? Please?
;-) )?

I do really love my Harmony dps.

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