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April 27, 2008



How exciting for you all to have such a wonderful selling/buying trip! You must be thrilled! I too love the photo of the men and the yarn!


How fun-------- and the photo is a hoot! BTW---- you look way too good for an exhausting show!!!!

Tina, darling, it's called COFFEE!


What I wouldn't give to stumble upon a Knit Picks booth where knitters were invited to sample the wares! Thank you for continuing to bring affordable, quality knitting products to the masses.


will you be showing how the knitting was done? looks like they are holding hte yarn in hte left hand.


It looks like everyone is having a ton of fun!


I really like your shawl in the pics. Where did you get the pattern? I agree with Phoebe. It would be fun to sample the products.


Welcome back!

Loved the posts about your first trade show! It was great seeing all the photos and you in gorgeous shawls! The booth looked wonderful. I spent years as a retail buyer and am impressed at how light and bright it looks. Nothing worse than a dark, crowded booth.

Hope your jet lag is gone and you enjoyed the new book.

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