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May 21, 2008



Kelley, just curious why you would use Knitable when there's Ravelry? Is it the portability of having it on your Palm Pilot?


Kelley...no, no, no! I don't need any enabling now, especially for something knitting related that's not yarn.

Even though I do keep track of my stuff on Ravelry, I'm also addicted to my Palm. And I like the portability factor of this software, especially keeping track of the size dimensions of gift recipients. Don't know if I'll be able to resist it!


Sounds like a great toy, but I have a Mac, so at best I'd have to enter everything on the Palm, which is a drag.

I'm purging, too. I am spending what will probably be most of the summer knitting up one-skein (or few skein) projects to use up my drawers full of leftovers. So far I've done two pairs of slippers and four hats, with four (or maybe five) hats left to go. Since storing that many hats is as bad as storing a lot of yarn, I'm going to make my daughters each pick at least three!

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