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May 30, 2008


Joan in Reno

Rachael at Yarn-AGo-Go has a hot water bottle cover (http://www.yarnagogo.com/bawk_hot_water_bottle_coz/) . The bottom isn't buttoned but I am sure you could fix that. It's cute. Your recipe box idea is good, I'm more apt to leave that sort of legacy myself. I'm a pretty basic cook.


What a lovely post! And I for one hope that hot water bottles NEVER go out of style! :-)

Jeanie West

What a great idea! I think I'll start a recipe book using a 3-ring binder, page protectors, and dividers so I can organize my patterns. I'm *always* searching for a favorite pattern and this is just a wonderful idea. Thanks for showing us your favorite patterns, too.

Janet in MN

Kelly, what a good idea. I think I'll use the blank book that I've been wondering how to use as my knitting journal.

Lena Pauwels

Hello Kelley,

I love your idea of a knitting pattern -recipe box. I think I would add some of my favorite sock patterns :)

We got a recipe box as a wedding present. It is so great. My Mum sent a letter to every guest and ask for their favorite recipe. And now we have the awesome recipe of grannys apple pie, my mother in Laws wonderful joint-recipe (I hope I translated it right ;) ) and many more.

By the way in Germany we still schlagen Eischnee (make snow):)



I really enjoyed this episode of the podcast and would be very interested in the pattern for a hot water bottle cover when you write it. A large number of women in my extended family were piece work knitters in Orkney and Shetland, but virtually all of this knowedge has been lost with the passing of the generations.
In France as well, you monter les oeufs en neige (make snow with eggs).


Your post was nastalgic to me. I am a romantic when It comes to things like this. I have recipes in the handwritting of loved ones who have passed on making them even more precious to me than the actual recipe written. You idea will most certainly be treasured.


What a great idea! I started thinking about it, and someone should try to put together a book of "Knitting's Greatest Hits" (with the permission of each author/designer, of course). The book could be based on interviews of famous people in the knitting industry (not just designers), and each chapter would look something like today's post, but would include the actual patterns. I've seen books like this compiling knitting tips, but never patterns. I have my own binder of favorite patterns, but it would be fun to read about other people's treasures. Even if the patterns weren't included (because of copyright issues, etc.), it would still be a great book.


What a gorgeous post (and idea!).


I love this idea.
I wish there was a generic pattern notecard almost... you could input some basics. Or at least software to you could type it into. :)


For the past couple of years when I am knitting from a pattern, I make a reduced copy of the pattern, cut it into sections and glue the peices down to index cards. I note the source of the pattern at the top of the card, punch a hole in one corner and bind with a ring clip from office supply and hold. As I finish a section of the pattern I turn to the next card. To make sure I don't lose my place in the order of the cards I put a small bulldog clip along the margin. I learned how to do entrelac and garterlac using this system. If I am working with a new stitch pattern the row notes get put onto a card and go on my binder ring. Patterns that I use frequently often get laminated for durability.It's a great system and I very portable. Most patterns fit onto just a few cards and the whole thing slips easily into a purse or knitting bag.

Hi Brenda,

I love your system!! Thanks for sharing.



That was probably my favorite Kelley Post ever!!!! Wonderful on so many levels.

I'm in the middle of a Pi Are Squared, seeing yours gives me a bit of a push to know that the light at the end is worth it!

Thanks Kelley!


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