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May 14, 2008


Trish in MD

Hi Kelley!

Wow, you're having Stephanie on? How wonderful. I never get tired of hearing her on the round of podcasts. I only just went to one of her book events for the first time last month, and I had a blast. I even got to be on her blog (April 8 entry) as a member of the first sock brigade.

I've heard Stephanie say she prefers heel flap/gusset sock construction. And I'm curious as to why. (Perhaps she has gone on and on about this in her blog, and I've missed all of that.) I'm still finishing my first ever sock and I'm doing toe-up, short row heel, Magic Loop. So totally opposite of Stephanie. What are some of the advantages of other techniques?

This tour seemed especially long. How long will she be at home for now, before having to go out and about and "be" the Harlot again? Does she get to rest anymore and really enjoy knitting?

Ask her about the Traveling Sock. I got to hold it, and have my picture taken with it, on the tour. When she showed her socks completed on the blog by the end of the tour though, I couldn't identify which sock it might have been. Which made me wonder... is the Traveling Sock an animal of its own, separate from the project socks she's actually working on? I couldn't pick out the sock from the lineup on her blog! How did the Traveling Sock come to be?

Are there any really famous knitters/people in the knitting community that she hasn't met yet, that she would really love to meet?

What fascinates her outside of knitting and spinning? Does she have time for other hobbies?

Is she still having fun?? I hope so.... It would be sad if knitting and writing about it ever get to be too much like work.

I love the Audiobooks! (Do you carry them at Knit Picks? Her audio books are great!) Are the rest of her books coming out in audio format?

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to her on one of her appearances?

(Can I do the interview??)

Haha... Hope some of these questions are helpful to you.

Definitely looking forward to this podcast! Have fun!


Roseanne  Roberts

Wow kelly, Trish's questions should keep you really busy. Maybe you want to interview her on the next podcast!


How does she have time to do everything? Family. Books. Tour. Blog. And a prolific knitter!
Can you ask her to convince you to make Harmony single points!!

Lena Pauwels

Hello Kelley!

CanĀ“t wait to hear the interview :)
Maybe you can ask her how her family and friends deal with knitting, are they enthusiastic (as we are ;) ) or do they ignore it, or maybe something in-between. Thank you!

Lena from Germany


My only suggestion (and I have been wanting to make it for some time) is that you edit. the. podcast. I like your normal podcasts but can't listen to the interviews any more- there is just too much extraneous chatter for my taste, and too much Kelley. I hope you aren't offended, I really like you and your podcasts, normally.

Trish in MD

Ouch, Crankypants...

On the other hand, I love the interviews. Sure there have been some that I liked better than others, but it was more about the subject matter than the interview itself. That doesn't mean I didn't like one... I've liked them all!

Especially the Stephanie interview. I'm looking forward to it very much, and frankly you could go on for an hour and I don't think I'd get bored. Honestly.

Just my two (more) cents,



I also love your interviews Kelley. It's like I'm a part of a real conversation.


Oh GOODIE! I LOVE your interview podcasts Kelley! I'm curious about something totally off-the-wall. I know that at one point Stephanie was a Doula, and I was wondering if she still had any time for that. If she does not do it anymore right now, does she miss it?

I have three little ones, the oldest being three, so I'm a bit obsessed with kids and babies right now, LOL!


I love your podcasts and look forward to them every week. You are a presence in the podcast, but hey! They are yours! and I love you enthusiasm. Not to mention your interest in knitting and other books. I often listen with pen in hand.
I would like to know about the style of knitting that the Harlot took up, Irish Cottage Style, where she holds the needle in the crook of her thumb and the yarn on her middle finger. Where did she pick that up?

Lina B

Hi! I have been enjoying listening to your podcast for the past few months and thought I would write in since I am SO excited about the upcoming interview with the Yarn Harlot. I want to know what she considers her funniest/most amazing/biggest knitting disaaster (and what she did with it!). I also want to know which thing that she has made she wants to be remembered for--what she would put on display in a museum or choose to represent her skill as a knitter.
I would also like to konw if she has any funny stories about in college. Thanks!


I have 2 questions for Stephanie. The first is, does she wear all the sweaters she has knit for herself? She seems to be such a fast knitter, and has shown us so many gorgeous things she has done, I have wondered if she now owns more woolen items than it is possible to actually wear (even considering she lives in Ontario and experiences very cold wonters).

My second question, being the mom of multiple teens myself, is do her girls ever resent being discussed on her blog? I love hearing the details of food cooked to the point of explosion in the microwave and seeing pictures of piles of "stuff" in front of a bedroom door, but if it was about my kids they would be furious to know I had posted about their exploits.


I would be terribly nervous to interview the Yarn Harlot. She's so famous, at least in our knitting community. I too would be searching for unique questions.

I would like to know what is the most frequent reason she stuffs one of her current projects into the black hole of her closet, forever to be known as a UFO?

Good Luck!


I love interviews with The Harlot. She is very entertaining.

One of the questions I wanted to ask her is about the issue that came up during this tour of people with children. I too agree that children should not be barred wholesale from events,how else will they ever learn about the world, culture, differences, manners and acceptable behaviours if they never get to leave the house. However, I agree that parents cannot always make the wisest choices when it comes to deciding when the children have gotten out of hand when mom wants to enjoy something for herself. I just wondered if she had any problems with the locations for her events not wanting children or if it is just certain people at the events.

Kelley, love the podcast!


I've always wondered how Stephanie comes up with the themes for her books and how many she thinks she has yet to write?

Looking forward to a fun interview.

Samantha Parker

She's coming to the UK in September - and I've got a ticket - it's a 500 mile round trip for me and I'm so excited - only 114 sleeps.

I want to know what quintessentially English thing she would like to see or do or have while she's here.

Your podcasts really round off my week thank you so much doing them.



Love your podcasts! And I love your interviews. My favorite, though, is your book review segment. I also love when you talk about your daily life- I've purchased a new small slow cooker and Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker recipes because you made it sound so appealing.
Questions for Stephanie / you:
I am always curious about the rituals people have attached to knitting. Do you have a favorite place to sit? Must you have a certain beverage with you? What is your knitting space like? Do you have a designated knitting space in your home and if so what is it like?


You could ask about her designing - she has very few patterns up on her site and a few recipes in one of her books, but I'm surprised she doesn't do more designing (or perhaps she does and doesn't share the patterns). Does she prefer to be given a pattern? Or does she love the process of finding patterns much more thrilling than creating her own?

I love your podcasts, Kelley, and I'll be eagerly anticipating this one!


As a teenage knitter myself, I was wondering whether her daughters asked her to teach them how to knit, or did she choose to teach them. Also, do they have stashes? How big are they?
Love the interviews. Thanks!


Hi Kelley! This is so exciting - I love your interviews (and the podcast in general). I look forward to your podcasts every Friday, although I rarely have a solid half hour to listen to them without interruption!

I'm wondering how Stephanie got up the courage to write her first book. It is such a big leap from doula to author - what kind of encouragement did she get? Did she try it out on folks first? Maybe at Lettuce Knit?

I was also facinated by a comment she made recently in her interview by the two women (sorry, I forget their names, but they're linked on the YH) at the SF Maker Faire. I always wondered how she could keep coming up with more books, and she said she was not writing about knitting, but rather about knitters. I had not made that connection, but of course she is right. Does she find knitters inspiring? What gives her ideas for her books?



I'm interested to know what OTHER books, authors, knitters she has found to be the most helpful in advancing her knitting and designing skills. Yes, we all know she knits a lot of socks. But what did she read and use to learn from before she got all famous and toured all the time?


I'm interested to know what OTHER books, authors, knitters she has found to be the most helpful in advancing her knitting and designing skills. Yes, we all know she knits a lot of socks. But what did she read and use to learn from before she got all famous and toured all the time?


Not so much questions, but a comment for both you and Stephanie- you have both influenced me (and other knitters) to stretch and grow, learn new techniques and try new things; to reach out and give a little of yourself to others. Just a huge thank you for being portals to new and wonderful places. Thank you for sharing parts of your lives with us.


What size needles does Stephanie use for her knitted socks? Are the needles metal?

judy in the OC

Kelly - with all the great questions above perhaps you'd consider making the interview a 2 parter? My husband has been reading her blog since the great stove incident because I couldn't stop laughing. I love your podcasts especially when you move out of interview mode and just start chatting. You've made a circular needle believer out of me. My only question for Stephanie would be - has she ever kept rabbits and knitted their fur? (Providing the cat would leave a rabbit alone!)

Jessica Kaufman

I echo Sophie, above, although I am not a teenager myself-- I teach knitting to kids and am working on my Masters in Crafts Education and am wondering if you could ask Stephanie about her experience teaching our younger friends to knit. She does such a great job encouraging kid knitters who show up at her events, and I'd like to know if she has any comments on the benefits of teaching handwork to children.

[off topic: I personally enjoy your interviews *more* than the scripted podcasts because they flow so much more naturally. Keep up the chatter, it's fun.]

Jessica in Virginia

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