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June 30, 2008



That's great, Kelly. I taught myself kitchener stitch but found watching this has confirmed that I'm doing it correctly. Hearing the rhyme also makes remembering it easier too. I found your blog after subscribing to your podcast which I love, although I think it should come with a health warning as listener's bank accounts are likely to suffer because all your reviews and recommendations make buying new knitting bits and pieces irresistible.


It is not infrequent that you make my mouth salivate (so to speak) with your descriptions of good knitly things............ but this new gadget? I must say that I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Kitchener stitch is so fiddy for many, what a nice video!!!

Trish in MD

Wow, Kelly! What a great video! I finally understand Kitchener Stitch!


(Now to go check out that camera...)


Kelly, thanks many times over for this great tutorial on the kitchner stitch. I love your way of loose stitches and then snugging them up to get a perfect matching gauge. I am finishing the toe of a pair of BBS (tan) and will definitely use it.

judy in the OC

Kelly - great video. I'm looking forward to more. You said once that when you teach Continental knitting that you show a little flick of the wrist (or something like that). Perhaps you could do a short one showing your technique? And of course we are waiting for more videos of Xena!


Hey Kelley - The one thing I don't like about kitchener stitch is the end when you're done pulling all the stitches tight. When I weave in the end there is an unsightly bump where those last two stitches are taken off the needles. Is there any way to fix this?


That was great, Kelley! I would love it if you would also do a video showing the cast on and first rows of the new Two at once/ Toe up Magic Loop socks pattern. I've done magic loop and really like it but am having a terrible time with this cast-on process and getting things turned around right to begin the magic loop method. Thank you.


Kelly - great demonstration! Now I know I'm doing it right - but I love the way you keep the stitches loose and then carefully tighten them up at the end. I'll try that next time. Thank you and let's see some more demos!


I finally understand how to do a great kitchener stitch. Believe me, I have searched books and the Internet for instructions. Yours are by far the best!!! Thanks for caring for your public.


Hi Kelly .. I cannot tell you how helpful this video has been for me. I don't think I ever really knew how to do the kitchener stitch and basically just stitched my socks together somehow ... definitely not the proper way. Your video made the whole process seem so simple I can't wait until I am ready to finish off the sock I am working on. I plan to run the video while I am actually doing the kitchener stitch! I am still doing socks on the double pointed needles. I know you are a convert and are doing them on circulars. I do have several books and written instructions on how to do the socks on circulars but maybe a video would help more. Thanks for the video!!!


Hi Kelley! Thank you so much for this great video! I just started my first pair of socks and I plan to use the Kitchener stitch. I was a little anxious about it since it seems to give so many people trouble, but after watching the video I really understand how it works & I'm looking forward to trying it myself! :)

Sue D. in NorCal

Brilliant! I can't tell you how helpful this Kitchener demo has been -- after years of struggling, I can finally do it. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

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