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June 18, 2008



What a cutie she is! I love the color combo of her blankie that you're knitting.


Congratulations! She's a beautiful baby and she's going to have a beautiful blanket.


Ohh, I have a Parker but, not a girl a boy. Kelley, if you can stand it try Ginger instead of the Dramamine. Works wonders for me! I buy the Gin-Gin chews and lozenges. I also use ginger supplements. My motion sickness disappears with this trick and I don't feel all drugged up!

Hi Mim,

Yes, I am going to try ginger! With the Canadian version of motion sickness pills I slept the whole way home!



Congratulations! What a cute little girl!


How sweet! She looks like she is smiling in the last picture. (I know, they say that babies that young don't really *smile*, but I don't believe it!)

BTW, how many skeins have you used for each of the Moderne Baby Blankets? I'm thinking of making one for each of my kiddos for Christmas this year.

Hi Teish,

I am a "relaxed" knitter so my stitches tend to be a bit large. I've found that I need 10 balls of Swish Worsted in each color for this blanket. We recommend 6 balls so you should take into account your own knitting style. I always feel I can use the leftovers for Baby Surprise Jackets!


Candi Reiter

She's beautiful. Congratulations to one and all. The blanket is absolutely striking. I like the combination.


I was so sure that I was going to have a girl when I was pregnant with my first child many long years ago that my friend knit a pink blanket. My son carried around that blanket for (hang on to your hat) 18+ years.

That is exactly why I love the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern. It could be carried around for 18 years and always look the right age?



Beautiful baby, beautiful family! Congratulations. The blankie will be a treasure for her.


Congratulations to the entire family! She's a beauty - look at those eyes communicating!


Congratulations. She is such a beautiful baby!
The blanket is going to be so lovely. The dark red and green look great contrasted against the yellow and white.

Hi Marie,

You can see how Seana has sub-consciously chosen the colors of her favorite flower - sunflower - as her baby colors! :)



Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. She's so tiny...I forget how little they are when they are first born.


Congratulations to the whole family! What a pretty little girl


I agree on the Ginger chews. I have had motion sickness as long as I can remember. I take a couple of ginger herbal supplements a few hours prior to travel and then a couple of giner chews (all available at your local health food store) during the trip and I never have even a twinge of motion sickness. I can even read a book in the car! Try it. Unless you need a good nap, I would avoid the effects of dramamine.

Hi Deborah,

So funny that you should comment on the nap effect of Dramamine. I bought a vial before we left but I've also learned that the Dramamine can work well if I run out of migraine medicine. Anyway, I get the non-drowsy formula but I used it all up over the weekend. I bought some Canadian motion sickness pills and slept the entire drive back home!! -- 5 hours!!!

I am definitely going to give the ginger a try!



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