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June 20, 2008



It's coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see the finished product.


It looks great! I love the color! I'm sure everyone would love to see pics of Ireland when you get back!


The sweater is gorgeous! What a wonderful color as well.

Thanks, Nicole

I am an autumn colored person but I was tired of chocolate brown, etc. One of the ladies in the office suggested this lovely orangy/brown. I happened to be wearing a turqoise outfit that day and when she held a skein up against my clothes we immediately saw the potential!!



Beautiful beautiful cables - love it.


Oh a trip to Ireland how fun with a great sweater as well!


Lovely! Even my husband is impressed! Would you please explain what is going on in middle? Is that just "plain" knitting going down the length of your arm?

Hi Katherine,

The unsightly area down the front is for my steek. This will eventually end up being a cardigan. I'm learning that I prefer cardigans since they are so easy to take on or take off depending on weather, air-conditioning, etc.



Beautiful cables! Great stitch definition. You'll fit right in when you're in Ireland. Please do send pictures of your trip.


I am so jealous. Ireland! Have a great time. BTW, are you going to take Xena?


Heavens! I thought the big piece in the middle was the sleeve! Now I see the two sleeves next to it. For a while there I thought you were knitting the two sleeves side by side and would steek them apart when they were finished! It is stunning - I can't wait to see it when it finished. Thanks.

Carol (fibermaniac)

Kelly, Your sweater is lovely. It's going to look really beautiful on you.

I wanted to tell you that I entered my purple stole, the one you took pictures of at the Yarn-In, at the Black Sheep Gathering. It was judged by Judith Mackenzie McCuin. I walked away with a blue ribbon, grand champion, and best in show. I have the Black Sheep Cup in my home to keep for a year. I am so excited. I just had to share with you. I knew you would want to hear about it.

Carol (fibermaniac)
in Vancouver, WA

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