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June 06, 2008



Hi Kelly!

I've been interested in learning to spin for a while now, and your post made me even more determined. :) I see that you have both high and low whorl spindles. Which would you recommend to a beginner?


Your spindles are gorgeous. I will have to look at those websites. I spin with a spindle. I took a wheel spinning class and then went out and bought a spindle :)


I'm so envious of all your fiber. What a joy it will be to spin it all up.


Those fibers are beautiful! You take such pretty pictures, too!


I love those spindles, especially the spindolin. I have enough to do knitting up the yarn you sell to start a new hobby.


You have two of the spindles I am thinking of purchasing. The Spindlyn and the Golding. I know the Spindolyn gives smaller cops, but I like the ability to wind it on the shaft in a continuous movement after spinning.
Do you have a preference between the two? Is one more effective than the other? I guess I am trying to decide which would be more all purpose.


My question is the same as Melly's; which spindle do you prefer, the Golding or the Spindolyn? I have a basic beginner spindle, but I would like to upgrade; I'm interested in spinning mainly lace to sock weight yarns. I also have a wheel, but I like the portability of a spindle and I think I would enjoy my wheel more if I was more proficient with the spindle.

Any chance of Knit Picks selling fibers to spin somewhere down the road? Not that I don't have enough KP yarn to knit up already.

Hi Karyn and Melly,

I would recommend the Spindolyn for lightweight spinning. My Spindolyn is a relatively new purchase so I haven't had much time with it but I love not having to worry about it dropping on the floor.

The Golding spindles are absolutely gorgeous and they do spin for AGES! They would be easier to travel with because I think the metal shafts of the Spindolyn would be susceptible to bending and probably wouldn't get through security.


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