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July 22, 2008


Trish in MD

Hi Kelley!

Just curious... what size needles do you usually use for socks? I'm down to a size 0 Harmony needle for my current project. Egad!

I knit one at a time because my knitting purse is usually between my feet in the car when I'm knitting. (I'm the passenger, of course!) But it's not the best place to fumble around with two balls of yarn. So for now, one at a time on Magic Loop is my method of choice. I started using an affirmation marker too, only I need to get some pretty ones!

Have a great day!


Oh, Trish, you have stumbled on one of my issues. I really should move down to #0 but I am stubbornly staying with #1 (2.25). I'm afraid it is the bane of us "relaxed" knitters!


Tropicflower off KPC

Hi Mrs. Petkun! I was wondering if you could give me some info. Here is the link to the post I posted on Knittinghelp.com..... I'm not sure if you are registered there, but if you aren't, and want to share, you could post it on my page on KP.




I really want to thank you for getting in that yarn. My husband is active duty Air Force and I can't wait to get a bunch of stuff knit for him. (BTW, I get the right gauge for hats and helmetliners by knitting double stranded. Extra accessories can now be washable!)


I must learn the toe up on two needle socks!!!


What are affirmation markers for?


Hi Nancy,

Affirmation markers are a new thing, I think. I stumbled upon placing a marker at the top of my sock knitting each morning. Then I could see how much knitting I actually finished by the end of the day. This is much better than looking at a long sock leg and feeling like you are making no progress at all! Any, pretty little marker will work.


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