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July 21, 2008



Oh my, I can't wait to see this shawl when it's done (or in progress). EZ's Stonington Shawl has been calling my name for quite some time now. I like square shawls very much, and lately (with a toddler at home), mindless projects attract my attention all the more. Thanks for sharing this - your yarn choice looks splendid!


Hmm.. great choice! Now you have me thinking about that poor lonely bunch of laceweight I have in my stash.. I might join you on this one after my current projects are done!

Plain Jane

I love that bayou colorway and EZ's books..


Excellent choice! A shawl will look lovely in that color. Plus, that is the perfect color to take to Ireland.
I do not own the Workshop by EZ. I only own her Knitting Without Tears, which I adore. I think I will have to go buy the Workshop. BrooklynTweed has been giving the book a lot of love lately too.

Kate (in Customer Service)

I just started the Pi Shawl from "Knitting Workshop" a few days ago, and now I'm considering ripping it out and making the Stonington Shawl instead. The diagram looks very interesting and I like multidirectional knitting a lot.


How many skeins are you going to need?


How many skeins are you going to need?

Yikes! I'm not too sure how many skeins will be needed. I am taking along 6 balled up skeins but I will have two extra waiting at home.



I'm intrigued why you selected this particular book of E's as your favorite? I know it contains the Baby Surprise, the Pi Shawl and the Stonington Shawl. Are the designs the reason it's desert island material or the writing inside? Just curious.

Hi Chelle,

I like this particular book because it goes from absolute beginning knitting instructions through some rather involved projects - lace shawls and a fairisle vest. A well-rounded little bit of knitting information.


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