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July 31, 2008



So fun to get to see everyone in action! The colors look gorgeous. I get especially excited about the sock yarn. Kelly, which one of the women is the one who did the sock blank podcast with you? I thought I heard her voice but I couldn't tell who was talking. I really like her voice and the way she talks.


Fun! We love your Flip Mino too! What a neat job - I really like my job, but if I dressed like that and brought my yarn to work, I would be marched out of here! Maybe I could work for you on my vacations! Now I just have to convince my family...


That's looks like a really cool work environment. Going to work everyday with creative, enthusiastic women..Priceless.


I love these glimpses into the yarn industry! Thanks so much for sharing the creativity and the excitement!

Patricia S

Will you ever carry organic yarns - cottons and wools? I especially love to use organic yarns for baby items. When organics become more available and less costly, I'll use them for more of my knitting.


I love Knit Picks sock yarn and would love to see more sunshiney yellow in the collection!


Xena looks like she is helping!!


The little snippets that you share are really interesting and educational!!!


Thanks Kelly for sharing your cool job with us. I appreciate all the work and concern you all use to pick out the best colors for us to use. BTW, love Imagination's colors! Can't wait to use them.


Hi Kelly,
Thanks for sharing a little of the process of choosing the colors and such that you all do so well! Is there any chance of getting a nice "soft yellow" in a laceweight??? Most of the other color areas seem to be covered, except yellow. Nothing garish mind you, just something soft, like a primrose yellow.


Great post, very interesting. I'm loving MY bennies from YOUR Flip Mino. I also want one, I know that it will be a big bonus on the company blog------ which would of course make it tax d! :)

Brenda Seader

Kelly, just had to tell you--after listening to you talk about socks for the last year, I finally screwed up my courage to try a pair. I decided on a very basic, toe up, short row toe and heel, with k2p2 ribbing across instep and up leg. One side of the toe and heel looked fine, but the other, while sturdy, looked kind of irregular-not the consistent stitches of the first side. Decided not to rip out, but to do research before 2nd sock was started. I went to your KnitPicks Community (1st time for this, as well!), checked the tutorials, and, as I suspected, I needed to change the approach for purling the wrap stitches on the other side of the sock! What a good job you all have done with the community website! I am delighted, and anticipate having a wonderfully consistent 2nd sock! I enjoy your podcast so much--you and I "carpool" to my job many mornings!
Thanks so much!

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I realized that it might be fun to videotape a bit of our planning party. You can get an idea of how our collaborative efforts work. Bob just shakes his head but there is a method to our madness. We stick to one yarn type (lace, for example) at a time and work through all of the styles.

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