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August 30, 2008


Fulvia Luciano

Thank you for showing me such beauty including, ehr, that Superman Turtle that's eyeing your scones?!?!

Fulvia at www.fulviastudio.com

Barbara M.

When we were in Ireland last fall, we were invited to stay with a friend of a friend in Galway..... her home is one of those re-done thatched cottages. It was lovely for her (a single professional woman) but she told us her landlord was one of the 10 children raised in that house!

I bought an Aran sweater when we visited the Aran Islands there. My husband asked why, when he knows I could knit one myself. I told him the truth: "I could definitely knit the sweater, but I could never put in the zipper so beautifully!" I love it and wear it a lot, which makes it a very good souvenir... it always reminds me of how beautiful (and how chilly!) Ireland is.


Kelley so glad you loved Ireland, my favorite place in the world - so far. When I visited Kylemore Abbey it was a private girls school and I used to threaten my daughter that if she didn't keep her grades up she'd be there with the Sisters. Not sure if it was much of a threat as it is so gorgeous!


My favorite snapshot is the one with you and Bob sitting the grassy spot at Connemara National Park.



I have enjoyed looking at all the photos of Ireland. I'm trying not to be green(ha!) with envy. Have fun. Also, I just got my new set of Wood Options, and all I can say is WOW. I already had the metal set and had been yearning for the wooden ones; well, I finally treated myself. And, I might add, they really are a treat...smooth as silk, wonderfully light, fine point perfect for lace and intricate stitch work. LOVE them. If I ever used straight needles anymore, I would replace them with your wooden ones as well, but, alas, I am a total circular needle freak.
Have a great vacation in Ireland and come back with fresh new ideas for us.

Just wait until you have worked with the Harmony needles for awhile. They become even more smooth! The ones I've been using for my Socks for Soldiers knitting are like glass!!



What beautiful pictures, Ireland is on my list of the next place to visit. I love your little friend(turtle).


You'll be knitting in greens for a year now!


Ah! Kylemore Abby! We visited Ireland 2 years ago and this was one of the highlights. Even on a rainy and windy day. Just beautiful! Did you get down to the south at all? We especially loved the area around Killarney. My hearts desire is to return someday and just ramble (we did a tour).


Looks very familiar from very recent past.

Check out mine at

http://www.flickr.com/photos/emjayknits/sets/72157607204291835/ and


We also stayed in the Conemarra region around the Renvyle Peninsula. Its it just the most beautiful place?

Hi Jenny,

You took such spectacular photos!! I really need to get into more of a photographer mode when we travel.


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