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September 05, 2008


Trish in MD

Hi Kelley!

Thanks for sharing this video!I guess I'm still missing something about Steeks. The cutting looks like the easy part! But I wish I could see more about the preparing for the steeks, i.e., all that sewing you did beforehand. Do you know of some resources that explain that part in detail? I have heard that some folks skip that step but it sounds too scary to me! I really don't know much about sewing so I would love to learn more about that part. I bought some yarn this summer to make a cardigan that includes steeks and I haven't even started the project for fear of eventually getting to that part.

Love the sweater! I'm betting you'll wear it well all fall and winter. You should be proud of all your hard work.

Hi Trish,
If you go to YouTube and look up the previous steeking videos you can see how I prepared for the cutting. Just click on my name next to the video and you will see my other videos.



Wow, that's very impressive! I"ve yet to do any steeking, but you've made it look like I might actually be able to someday. Thanks so much for sharing this!


I just loved that video! So informative, and takes a lot of the fear out of the prospect of steeking. Thank you!

Can't wait to see the finished cardigan, all buttoned up.

KarenBeth Bohan

Kelley, Thanks so much for posting the video (I will look at the others on YouTube later) I really want to try steeking, as scary as it is, b/c it just makes sense when you like to knit in the round. These videos will help!! Anyway, my big question is: if you can CUT your knitting why are you afraid to felt? Felting sure seems like the lesser of two evils- once you cut you can't put it back together, but when I felt, I check the product every 5 minutes and you can stop the process whenever you want. :) KarenBeth (I'm nutsaboutknitting on Ravelry & a BIG fan of your podcast!)

Hi Karen,

Your note is very timely! I just snatched a copy of Interweave's new felting magazine off one of the desks here in the office! It is the one with the fingerless mittens on the front cover!


With Interweave at my side, I may just give a couple of the projects a try!


Sue D. in NorCal

Once again -- a wonderful job! Your videos and great explanations may just give me the courage to try steeking one of these days. Thanks so much for going to the trouble to create your videos and share them with us!


Steeking still givs me the willies but after watching your video I think I'll try it next time I make my g'daughter a cardigan. Thanks!

That is an absolutely brilliant idea!! Try steeking on a child's sweater!!


marie landry

i would the pattern for this sweater you make it look so easy what a wonderful way to spend the week-end with you and all your videos that i watch while i knit
THANK YOU so much for sharing all your knowledge with us.

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