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September 12, 2008



Oh Kelly! The only way to truly enjoy Cafe du Monde coffee is to go to New Orleans and sit in their busy touristy cafe eating beignets and drinking cafe au laits!!! All while wearing one of their paper hats!

Hi Rachel

I "discovered" chicory coffee waaaaaay back in high school when my french class went to Mardi Gras. Just what a teenager needed - more hyper activity! I can't say we managed to stop by Cafe du Monde but I did capture a lot of beaded necklaces while watching the floats go by! And, let's not even get started on beignets!



Cafe du Monde's chicory coffee is very delicious. I converted my parents and my grandparents to it. I recommend trying it in the true 'cafe au lait' style! (PS you can order it by the case directly from their website if you become *that* addicted to it!)

Oh, Tara

Thank you so very much for THAT suggestion!! I think I'm just stick to one can at a time, if you don't mind! :)



I'm an Ice Coffee junkie, because I live in Key West and hot coffee just won't do in our balmy climate.

So thanks for sharing that. I'm going to give it a try today.


If you like cold brewed coffee, then you MUST get one of these:


This is how I've been making coffee for almost 20 years; I keep it in the fridge. The filter is very thick so it takes out all the bitter oils. Every cup tastes like fresh brewed.

Hint: if you like the flavored coffees, cold brew them, freeze in ice cube trays, and store in plastic bags. Pop one or two in your cup, pour boiling water over, and viola! A gourmet cup whenever you want it.

Hi Bobbie

That gadget is very tempting but I have to say that I'm even more excited about the coffee ice cubes. I'm thinking they would be great to pile into a water bottle and then take with me on the golf course. They would melt slowly and give me the caffeine hit that is so essential to the quality of my golf game!



OH yum, thanks so much for sharing this!! I read your entry, ran to grab some clean mason jars, and got it started for tomorrow. Hope mine comes out as nicely as yours, I'm really looking forward to my homemade frap. :)

Hi Jessica,

The really sad thing is that we had guests all weekend and I was so distracted I forgot to make in "syrup". Oh, well, maybe next weekend.



Totally trying this now!


The Toddy maker is not very expensive, but it's really the filter that makes the difference. It's felted wool, probably 1/2 thick. After dripping, you rinse it under cold water and store it in water in the fridge (to keep it from growing a new life form, I suppose). It is absolutely amazing how different the coffee tastes. And because it's big, I get about 2 weeks worth of coffee at one go. And you can use it for tea, also; makes the best ice tea EVAH!. Great home-made frappacinos: cold brew coffee, milk, and ice cubes in the blender. Yum! And throw in a couple of those chocolate after dinner mint candies for a mint choco coffee treat. ;)

Karen Lambert

I am a New Orleans native (all of 62 yrs.) and am so happy so many have discovered our beloved Cafe du Monde. I am a purist, I guess ,and drink hot coffee with hot whole milk - cafe au lait. When we were small children my grandmother (as all New Orleans grandmothers do) would give us a small cup with a little coffee and lots of hot milk and sugar. Yummy!!

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