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September 08, 2008


Nancy J

So far, I really like the new look!


I like it. The colors work well, I think.

judy in the OC

The new look is very nice except - you must have a pic (or a dozen) of Xena!

Today I am going to work on the content of the sidebars. Maybe Xena should have an entire column! :)


Trish in MD

Dear Kelley,

I think this design is so much more you! I love seeing blogs being tweaked. Only this is much more than a tweak! Have fun!

Charlene Paulus

The tone on tone is a little difficult for my aged eyes (52). Could the type be a little bigger or the print a little darker? Otherwise it looks great - thanks for asking.

I will definitely work on the font color. Today I am going to work on the content of the sidebars.



I must agree with previous poster. The background color and type color is very hard on the eyes for me. Please enlarge the print. Love You though.

Hi Carol,
I will work on darkening the font color to make it easier to read.



the colours are just perfect for you!


I do like the new look of the blog, but I think a darker font color would be better for viewing.

Kelley, also really loved the steeking videos. I'm ready to finally tackle that in the next few months with my fair isle vest!


Very autumnal. I think a nice chocolate brown font would go well with the yellow background.

Love the yarn at the top, makes me smile.


I love the colors -- very autumnal and cozy feeling. Makes me want to pick up my needles and get cracking on my current sweater project. Oh wait -- I'm at work... :(

judy in the OC

Thanks for adding a page for Xena (and fixing the "back" button to return to your page). And, of course, Xena should have her own page but then she kind of does in the KP Community site. But more does not hurt!

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