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September 13, 2008



I think it looks great! You might want to experiment with the I-cord, because in my experience it pulls things shorter, so you can change needle sizes if you need to.

I am working on a lace cardigan, and am knitting the yoke for the 3rd time. But it's worth it to get it right, no?

Hi Renee,

It is definitely worth getting it right! I will have to watch the i-cord. I want it to pull things together a bit but not too much. Of course, I'm such a ridiculously "relaxed" knitter that the tightness probably won't be a problem. Still, thanks for reminding me. I'm going to go up a size from what I used for the body.


Jane Wolfe

The video on steeking was great. After seeing it, I am less afraid to try it. Is there a tutorial on the KnitPicks site about mitred corners? It is a great finishing technique. Thanks for being willing to share your mistakes. It is reassuring to know that all of us, even someone with your high level of skill and understanding of the knitting process, make mistakes. Also, would you be willing to show the wooden pick? Any chance KnitPicks would sell them? Jane

Hi Jane,

We don't have a tutorial for the mitered corners yet but I can give you the basics. First, mark the "corners" before you start knitting your button band. I like two stitches in the middle. Then, on the right side, make an increase on each side of the two middle stitches. On the wrong side, just knit like usual.

I had to keep track of my seed stitch pattern and you will have to incorporate the increases into whatever pattern you are using for you button band.


Itinerant Weaver

I have done all the floppy edges too. Have recently found http://techknitting.blogspot.com/, which has helped with some of the solutions other that I-cord which has its place but I hate doing along very long edges. There are posts from Nov '07 into Dec '07 that give some alternatives. Haven't tried any yet but shall when I do the next garment.
Hope it's of interest.

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