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November 22, 2008



Yay!! You finally made the shawl. I heard on your podcast that it was long overdue. It came out nicely. Congratulations!


Hi Kelly,

Happy Thanksgiving! Finally I will thank you for answering my question on your podcast, about the different needle sizes. I've listened to it more than once, and it's very clear and helpful.

I enjoy your interviews with people, as well. Occasionally I think that it would be nice to devote some of those podcasts to another topic, or book review.

Anyway, still loving your podcast, and your blog too. I also got a set of the Harmony options needles for my birthday, and am appreciating the smaller points for the tougher lace stitches.




Cool! That trick is good for us knitters as well!


I've been eyeing the Suri Dream and was surprised to see it in a lacy type shawl, since it is touted as "Super Bulky".

Is it a "fluffy" type bulk or "solid" type bulk?

Still shaking my head, trying to figure it out.

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Looking so nice. Really you work hard to make this. I made this, but not looking good.

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