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I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on December 7th, 1961 - you can do the math!

I was raised in Colorado and went to college at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. I chose Willamette because it was close to my sister who lives in Bend, Oregon.

While I was in college I studied history and still love nothing more than loosing myself for hours reading a history book. I tend to go into tangents when I read history or anything else. I may spend months reading only about the Middle Ages or coffee. Then I burn out and find a new topic.

My biggest regret is that I can't seem to remember what I read. Curiousity but no retention!

Bob and I have been married since 1991. Bob has five children from a previous marriage and we already have grandchildren!!

Bob and I work together so we are essentially with each other 24 hours a day!! I think it works because we have strong, self-confident personalities and seperate offices!!

We have a white Pomeranian named Xena. You will often see her in the Knit Picks catalog and in my blog entries. She travels just about everywhere with us so if you ever see me, check what I'm carrying in my purse!


Of course, knitting is my first love. Going hand-in-hand with knitting is hand-spinning using either my Sonata spinning wheel or any of the drop spindles in my ever-increasing collection. I learned to spin and knit in college and have been enjoying it ever since. There was a ten-year break when my husband, Bob, and I were building up our other two catalog companies - The Artist's Club and Connecting Threads. One of the many pleasures of our Knit Picks division is being able to immerse myself in fiber related activities every day and still say I'm "working"! I also enjoy reading and have actually been reading even more since I purchased an Amazon Kindle. I find that it has me reading like I did when I was a kid. Hours and hours at a time!! Bob and I travel quite a lot. Sometimes for work and sometimes for leisure. I always take along my knitting to keep me company and to keep me calm.