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July 05, 2007




I love your little fluffy dog...such a nice knitting buddy.


Deck knitting is the best. It is my fave spot to hang out in the summer when it's cool enough!
Oh and I love Rachel too!!


Hummmmm sound wounderful and yummy. I love simple dinners they seem to please everyone and let us have a bit more knitting time win win. :-)


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I look forward to the knit picks podcast every week. I would have commented over on the site for the podcast but no one seems to comment there and I wanted to be sure you got this message.


Now seeing you on your deck knitting away, that is how I will imagine you forever more, blissed out and knitting---never a stressful moment.


Alison Hyde

I got a heads-up that you had done a very nice job reviewing my Wrapped in Comfort book on your podcast; the friend wanted to know if I'd heard it? I've got a hearing impairment from a medication reaction, and podcasts don't come with closed captions yet, so I'm afraid I missed it. But I wanted to at least come say thank you!


You look so comfortable. I have not had much time on the Pi Shawl, as helping put six new windows into our home has kept me busy as a carpenter's helper!
Since you have been knitting for the new baby, I thought of you when I saw these booties on Brooklyntweed's blog http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/
I plan to knit a pair to go with the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. They are just too cute. I can see they may only fit for a month or so, but that's okay. I have a pair of shoes in my closet that I only wore for one evening and they cost more than a ball of yarn!!
Happy EZ Knitting!


I enjoy all of your podcasts, but episode 11 was the best. I loved the tip about the no-salt chicken bullion ice cubes for Xena! I froze some homemade chicken stock for my Yorkie and 2 Dachshunds, and now YOU are their new best friend. LOL.

Can't wait to pick up the coveted Options set...

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