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December 07, 2007



Kelly, you couldn't have made it clearer. I was SO confused by this till I saw this post. Now I'm interested in trying it, too. BTW, LOVE your Podcast and LOVE your needles and yarn. Frequent buyer! Kindest regards, Roberta (Gilroy, CA)

Oh, good, Roberta!!I was very frustrated but now that I've gotten the idea, it seems pretty straight forward.



Kelly, Thank you for sharing this information! I've never heard of knitting socks like this, but now I'm intrigued and am going to have to give it a try. Thanks again for bringing this knowledge to our attention.


How cool! I hadn't gotten over to knitty yet for this issue, but I'm going to have to go check it out, and give this a try! Thanks for pointing it out. =)


thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see the progress. I'm working in magic loop for the first time and enjoying it. I skip learning on dpn for socks and this might be the ticket to do two at once.


Wow-I am always amazed at the inventiveness of knitters! The first time I knit with EZ to get a 2 sided blanket-I was amazed-this has taken it to a whole new level! Thanks for making it so clear and do-able! Keep us posted on the socks that result!


That looks awesome - good luck!


Ok, I understand the cast on, but now when you actually knit the socks do you knit a brown stitch then a purple stitch then a brown stitch etc.? It seems like this having to switch colors on every stitch would add a lot of time to making the socks, at least for those of us that throw rather than pick. I guess I don't see the reason to do this other than to force myself to do the second sock! It IS a very cool technique though, reminds me of the Mobius scarf cast on--THAT took some figuring out too! I love your yarns, needles and site, and now discover your blog! How fun! Keep up the good work!


WOW! That is an interesting idea. I always knit one sock looser than the other. And I know you are supposed to switch back and forth but I never do that. Thank's for the information.


Thank you for simplifying this technique. I took one peek at the Knitty design and got so freaked out that I closed the browser window. Your tips and pics make it actually seem do-able.

Happy holidays to you and Bob and the lovely Xena!


Thank you so much for the pics! That really helps clear it up. I can't wait to share this with my avid-sock-knitting friend.


I dont think I'm ready for knitting two socks at once. I think there's too much room for error on my part. But it is a neat technic.

I also wanted to say I love your podcast. Its very informative and you have such a soothing voice.

Also, I noticed that you like mystery books/audio books. Check out Kerry Greewood's Phryne Fisher series. I love them. There is only one available on audiobook but the books themselves are great. They're quick but interesting.


I will definitely have to come back to this when my brain is less addled.


OK, after reviewing Kelley's pics and the article, I don't know if I would try this technique on DPN's (altho I really miss 'em). I just don't have the stomach for punishment. I've been using two circs, knitting a tube straight down to the toe, then do the toe and use an EZ trick--the afterthought heel--to finish the socks.


What if you tried combining the DK technique with this method? You'd be knitting FOUR SOCKS AT ONCE! Without turning any heels. Although you'd have to pull the whole thing off and do four afterthought heels once you were done. Don't know if I have the stones to try that one...but for your next knitting party trick...or socks for soldiers...might be worth a try!


PS--You could cut down the tangle factor by using only two balls of yarn--pulling from the outside AND inside of each ball. How you would do colorwork, I just don't know. My brain just quit..


Wow! Wonderful photo tutorial of the cast on. Now, if only you would do the same for the actual knitting of the socks...nervy of me to ask? sorry, but I am spatially challenged to the EXtreme. Love your blog :)

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