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February 25, 2008



Yay! I can't tell you how excited I am for the new yarns, and these colors are SO beautiful. Usually I try to only buy yarn for one or two projects at a time (since I'm a college student with both limited space and yarn funds) but I have the feeling I'll have to splurge when the new colors and yarns arrive!


I wonder if I get to enjoy any of them for another test knit :)


Wow, those all look so yummy. We need some kind of feel-o-vision for the internet. ;0)


Oh, so exciting! Thanks for posting the previews. Just in time for my year in socks :)


Oh my gosh, Kelley, these are gorgeous!


Tasty yarns! They look good enough to eat.

Karen Bacon

These yarns are positively yummy!!I can't wait.

Karen in Texas


OHHH, that Shimmer is calling my name! I got the latest catalog in today's mail, but it didn't have the new yarns. Can't wait to see what else you have!


Don't TEASE me like that!! One of these days I'll invest in a US mail box.. I'm stillhanging out for Oz distributer though! They look gorgeous Kelley - can't wait to see what you turn them into!


I'm fascinated by the handpainted look of the Shimmer Bayou. However, I'm at a loss for a lace project that would show it off. Could Knit Picks help design/sponsor/find such a pattern(s)?

Hi Barbara-Kay

I am planning to knit Elizabeth Zimmermann's Stonington Shawl from Knitter's Workshop. Any plain shawl would work well with hand-dyed yarns except maybe a Pi Shawl. Working in a circle can sometimes cause a bull's eye effect with hand-dyed yarns. You want to stay away from any pattern with a lot of fancy lace. The lace design gets lost in the color changes. Or, maybe try the box shawl from Folk Shawls because it has a simple box lace pattern that is repeated so it is relatively simple in design.



Just beautiful! You have really upped the ante on making colorways that are too irresistible. Now, if I could just find some more space under the bed for the upcoming replenishment to the stash...:-)


I am frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the new yarns. I think it might be my favorite time of year! I may have liked it better before you teased us on your blog and podcast. ;)

Peter Kennedy

I can't wait until all this new yarn comes! I'm especially looking forward to your new Cotlin colors. I love the way the gloss shimmers in the sunlight, and is that grass? I haven't seen that in months!


Please post some pictures of your Aran sweater in progress. I am dying of curiosity here!

The photos of my cardigan are being prepared as we speak! But, you are in for a surprise!



Lovely colours!


I'm so happy to see the Parsley yarn! I will surely be able to knit something for my Air Force husband with it! Just lovely! (I'm making him a helmet liner and it needs a silk liner-within-a-liner so the chin strap doesn't rub.)

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