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May 16, 2008



I'm so glad you posted these tools. I was dead curious how you were able to read and knit at the same time because I've never been able to figure out a way to do it comfortably. I'll be looking into the BookMates.


Pay day is weeks away...but I will be purchasing these items. My goal this year is to learn to knit and read!



I have just this week obtained my first audio book to listen to / read while knitting. I got debbie macomber's new book 20 wishes and its heavenly to listen and knit for an hour here and there. I realized how beneficial it is. I feel like I'm not 'wasting' time just sitting and knitting when I also listen to a book I'm wanting to read.

Thanks to you, yet another trick to finding time and means to knit.

Gratefully yours,


I have a book chair and love it! Would you consider carrying these items at KnitPicks? I am sure they would sell very well!


I second Kristie's suggestion and was about to say the same thing. But she beat me to it.


You are such an enabler! Have ordered 2 standard book holders so DH and I don't have to share, and one large one. Whee!


I like to read while knitting something simple also. I have a couple fold-up wire book stands and also a little weighted thingy that lays on the book pages (your see-thru plastic holder is much better!)
I learned years ago that if you can watch TV while knitting, you can read while knitting too! Plus it really amazes people when you do it out in public (@ work in the lunchroom or in a restaurant)


Delightful article. My conscience bothered me when I read fun books, so I knitted my way through them. I have finally reached an age where "nonproductive" is a cause for celebration rather than a guilt trip. I also would like to see those great tools in your catalog.

leeann walser

i realize i am probably older than most of the blog participants........however i really want to say a few things about the modern obcessive need to multi task..............whatever happened to zen......or as i understand it to absorb oneself in what you are doing at the moment............i would like to submit that you younger guys are completely missing the point when you hurl through life doing a jillion things at once......as a teacher i was trained to realize that teenagers who have to be wired for sound every minute are actually crowding issues from their minds that they should deal with..........to me the serenity created by handwork is what keeps me sane in an insane world...........leeann


I like the idea of audio books while knitting--I am an avid reader, and am knitting again after an absence of about 35 years. What a great way to indulge in two great pleasures at once--I am retired and don't want to be bothered with page turning if I can go audio.


I have enjoyed BookMates for years and gave a glad little Squee when I heard you mention them.

For your index cards I recommend Levenger - they have an organizer called a PDA. It's 3x5 with interesting punches on the edge that snap over solid rings. I use mine for knitting notes, charts ala your index cards, and a running shopping list. The rings keep the cards from becoming shuffled, and I can quick change on the go!

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