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May 22, 2008



Walter is a cutie. He has such a sweet smile.


OMG - that baby is adorable. Once my husband asked me what I was looking forward to. I answered immediately: being a Grandma. He was shocked - he was thinking in the next year or so! I'm afraid our kids are only 15 and 12. I guess I can wait another 10 years at least.


I have been reading your bloglisting to your podcasts for a few months and wanted to mention how much I am enjoying them. Now when I read your blog, I hear them read in your voice (LOL). The book reviews and knitting tips are so helpful for a new knitter - me!


I have one of those now - a grandson that is - just today! I can't wait to meet him! I am looking forward to knitting all sorts of cuddlies for him to play with and wear.


he is so cute! Nice that he is getting a little mate too.


Sounds like a great day! Beautiful little baby.


just listening to new episode of podcast and thought I would let you know that you can put knitting patterns onto your ipod in the notes section. Just retype the pattern in word and save as rich txt. You can then transfer this onto your ipod. I only know how to do this bit on a mac, but if you have a mac I can e-mail you how if you want to know. If not try looking in the on-line help for your ipod model. I do this for socks and such like so I have a reference point when knitting in public. I love the podcast and started listening to audiobooks through you and now subscribe to audible. I am also considering buying one of the book covers you posted about recently and have downloaded the knitting program for palm. Although I use mt ipod for patterns I never though to put them on my palm.
Keep up the great podcasts love them - only criticism, we want your yarn in the UK. I have the harmony needles and love them.


Walter is gorgeous!! Makes me miss my grandson so much more...he lives in Florida and I'm in Indiana. He's 2 now and I've only been with him 5 days in his entire life! Enjoy your moments with Walter..don't take any of it for granted.

P.S. LOVE those kimonos! Guess I'll have to buy that book so I can make some for a charity project at our church. As if I had the time to take on one more project.................

caroline beckenhaupt

this is ot, but i loved your last podcast! omgosh, it was so interesting. thanks for going a little off the beaten path. it was interesting hearing how recorded books are made. cute grandson, too.


Cute and adorable grandson!

My nephew (now 3) is a tough inner city boy, so imagine our amazement when one day he pulled his socks off and his toe nails were painted in the brightest red, just like his mum's. He's in touch with his feminine side, I guess and you never know what Walter will be up to in a few years from now!

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