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July 08, 2008



Thank you so much for these videos. They are amazing, and you are such a good teacher. You should consider making an instructional DVD for those of us who are advanced beginner knitters..I for one would buy it as soon as it came out.


I love the new blanket. I will have to watch those videos when my mind is in better focus. I'm knitting my first BSJ, and if you need all the yarn you show, I am in trouble ;)

Trish in MD

Hi Kelley!

I'm really loving your videos. I'm finding them very helpful! As you build a library of these you might want to list them on a separate page on your blog (in addition to including them in your blog posts) so that you have a running index of tutorials. That little camera of yours is A-Mazing! And, you're a really great teacher. I think you should consider doing a video podcast, or a video knitting class or something. I really like these.



I agree with Trish - excellent stuff and I would love a central place to come to later when I really need the help.

Georgi W

This was great Kelly! I have wanted to see this for so long, and now I am going to try it tomorrow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
BTW- The camera you used did a wonderful job.


I agree that you have a knack for explaining technical ideas and that you should put these tutorials in a separate part of the website so that we can peruse them at our leisure. (Oooh, that sounded so la-dee-dah, didn't it.) You know what I mean.


Your videos on applied i-cord are really helpful. Thank you!


Thanks for the videos - very enjoyable and helpful.

One question: do you use that SSK variation all the time, or only for I-cord?


That is so cool! I can't wait to try it.
Thank you!


Thank you so much for creating these videos. I had wondered how an i-cord was attached to an afghan/blanket. Your instructions were very thorough and very easy to understand.


I love how that looks and it's so easy. I'll definitely try it. I have a couple of new babies arriving soon in our family and this blanket seems like a lovely gift.

Thank you!


I love your blanket colors! I'll definitely have to try this pattern.


YAY - I'm working on my Baby Moderne Blanket and I'm thinking I would rather to the applied i-cord, and now I have a tutorial. THANK YOU!


Thank you! Those were wonderful videos! I have always wondered how an i-cord border works.

Man, if you could video the steeking of your cardigan, I would love you forever! Steeking seems so scary. Thanks again!


I really love your idea of doing videos and demonstrating different knitting techniques. I am working on a project right now that will have an I-cord border. This was great timing! I hope you will do more. Thanks!


Another big thanks Kelley! I have been listening to your podcast alot lately...the one describing the i-cord was great, but seeing it here as a video makes it so much better! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us. You are truly inspiring!


Hi Kelley! I had been listening to several of your podcasts this evening and thought I'd check out the blog as well. Am I ever glad I did! I've been inspired to make one of the Moderne Baby Blankets for my grandson (due later this year) and I love your videos. They will be such a help.

Thanks for the inspiration!!


Hi Kelley,
I just ran across these videos, but when I click on the play button, it says the video is no longer available! Are they available someplace else? Hope so. I enjoyed the other more recent videos and agree with the others that one "library" of your instructional videos would be an excellant reference! Thanks, Barb


That was a great tutorial! I've been struggling with the concept of applied icord, but that makes it MUCH easier to understand!


The videos were amazing and very easy to understand. I was looking for a border for my log cabin afghan and this was recommended. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks


Thanks so much! These were great!!!

Deb Giuffre

I just finished a "Modern Log Cabin Baby Blanket" and tried to do an applied I cord. I used the directions from Cat Bordhi's book. I was so confused. I just happened to see your link on ravelry and your video was great. I will be doing another "Moderne Log Cabin Blanket" and have your site bookmarked. Can't wait to start.

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wonderful tutorial

knitting pretty

I have been knitting for years but have never had to do an I-cord binding, your videos are very well done with good clear instructions, on behalf of all not so knowledgeable knitter thank you for sharing your expertise :)

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