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July 11, 2008



Very cool - I am loving these videos! Thanks very much for making them. I have never tried spinning, but I do love the look of handspun. Maybe when my knitting gets a little stronger I will give it a try!

I see the You Tube logo - I am so excited I can watch them anytime on my iPhone. It's amazing how many knitting videos are on You Tube. I am really not of the You Tube generation, but if it has knitting, I'm there!

Thanks again!


This video was so helpful for me! I've been intimidated by my drop spindle for far too long. I think it's time to take it out again and give it another try! Thanks for posting this.

I was intimidated for two years!! Take your time, relax and it will just suddenly click.



Thank you for the video. A friend of mine taught me to spin about 8 months ago and in May I got a Golding and I am doing much better. I am still struggling with drafting as I spin I usually have to predraft my fiber.

Hi Nicole,

I think most drop spindlers pre-draft. That's why there are distaffs! Try my little trick of untwisting a bit and see if that helps with your drafting.



My struggles aren't so much with spinning right now as they are deciding wheel or spindle, wheel or spindle - for some new pretty merino/silk blend I purchased recently. I had *almost* decided wheel until reading your recent posts and now seeing this one! Aargh! Then I weighed all my drop spindles this morning, and they range from .2 oz to 2 oz, but with a gap between the 1 to 2 oz range. Apparently, I *need* the Golding 1.5 oz! Especially with that amazing feature for aromatherapy! Thanks for the temptation, er, I mean, inspiration! :-D

Oh, Susan, I am so sorry for causing you such distress!!:) Being such a "process" person, the aromatherapy spindle definitely made the difference for me!



Okay so I am a very new spinner and I am confused by why you untwist? I wasn't taught that way and I didn't really catch why you do it that way. Thanks for any help on that! Great video and I'm going to have to check out those spindles.

Hi Tiffany,

That little but of untwisting gives you some grace as you draft your fibers. Just at the end of your spun yarn you have fibers that are halfway in the yarn and halfway still in the unspun drafted section. Buy untwisting just a but you loosen up the barely caught fibers and let them glide as part of the drafting process. Give it a try! :)



I forgot to add: That's a pretty neat "turtle" wrist distaff you knit there! You could call it a wristaff!


After watching this video I think I am going to have take up spinning with a drop spindle. I have been thinking about it for a long time but watching you has made me want to give it try.

Trish in MD

Oh my gosh Kelley... watching you do this made me believe that this might be something I could actually do. I've always imagined starting the spin and then having to manage the spindle as it clatters to the floor, similarly to the way a yo-yo unwinds and then never comes back up for me. But wow... I might actually be able to do something like that. Thanks again for another great video!

Hi Trish!!

Ok, it is going to crash to the floor (carpet would be better) a few times! :) But, if you keep grabbing the last bit of spun yarn with your fingers for the untwisting part, there will be less falling.



Keep the videos coming. everybody I talk to loves them! So informative.

Thanks for the encouragement, Carol! I'm enjoy making them!


Thanks for the video! Its really helpful to understand how to use a drop spindle. I've had my for about 6 months but haven't gotten the real hang of it. Though, I must admit, I haven't played with it as much as I should and its a bit of a pain to clean and card the roving.


Kelly, thanks for the video. I'm still fiddling with my drop spindles and perfecting my technique. Your tip about unspinning below the drafting point a bit is great. I can't wait to get home and try it out!

Mary Jane

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these wonderful, informative videos. Like most knitters(or crafters in general), I am a visual knitter and learn best from seeing "it" in action. Please keep them coming!


Great video Kelly - keep em coming!

What was the book you got the pattern for the 'wrist-staff' from? I want to make those for Christmas presents. A great way to de-stash and give original gifts!


wait have you seen these: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_gallery_8&listing_id=13410868


Kelley, as an avid listener to your podcasts, I was so thrilled to find your video on here for drop spindling, which is what I'm struggling to learn right now. Your video is wonderful and I can't wait to try it!

Question: which Golding Armotherapy spindle did you choose? I see there are several. Are the weight differences to spin various weights of yarn? (I eventually hope to spin lace weight).


Thank you 10 times over. Love your videos. Could you do one using the Spindolyn. I know they have one on their site but I would like to see what you think of it.


I watched this before I got my first ever spindle. I've spun the most bumpy, lumpy just about plyed mini skein you have ever seen, but I'm proud of it.

Looking at the video again with fresh eyes, and realising that my hands were not doing what yours are.

Round two begins.


As I watched you talk about the "wrist-cuff" you made to hold your roving, I was reminded of two things: the wrist-pin cushion I wear when I sew and also the cup cozy I put around my coffee cup. Prehaps this is could be called a "roving wrist cozy". Someday I will try drop spinning. It looks like something I could do with a little practice.


Someone on the ravelry spindlers group link this post and I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it was. I've been spinning for about 6 months now and my yarn isn't very lovely. I was having so much trouble with drafting. But after watching your untwist trick I just went a spun some yarn that is all the same weight! Thank you, thank you!


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