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July 03, 2008



is there a specific pattern that you used for these socks? my niece's fiance just enlisted in the marines and i'd like to keep this in percolating in my mind for a while. also, how many skeins of essential are required? i'm with you on the big black socks, i'm finishing a pair of socks for my fil out of the black essential tweed and they seem to take forever! little stitches + black yarn = eye strain and craziness! thanks for the info-



What size socks should I knit so that they would fit most men?



Kelley - Once I get my sock knitting up to speed, I'm signing up!

Barb Thames

Kelley, and all,

Don't forget that many of the "men" in the services aren't men at all. Make a pair for the women as well.



I knit one pair of the big black socks and I nearly died! I think the new colors will be great. When I get back into knitting, I'll have to do more. This is such a worthy cause.

Myriam Samson-Mysch

I shall begin the socks, but am in middle of a scarf which I wanted sent to a solder. Are these needed as well?


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