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August 20, 2008



I had no idea you were going to Stitches. I will be attending as well...starting with the Market preview tomorrow. Do you ever foresee Knit Picks setting up a booth in the Market sometime?


Come to Stitches West next year. We have a great time. Would love to see a KnitPicks booth.


Can't wait to hear about your Irish adventures! I was wondering when you were getting back - and now you are back out on the road. You must be exhausted!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the videos on applied I-cord. I have just finished a Moderne Log Cabin afghan to be gifted in about 15 minutes, and the I-cord edging looks wonderful. I could not have done it without your help.

Grandma Beth

I just had to leave you a note. I am listening to all the podcasts from the begining while I knit and crochet. My chihuahua Coco likes to crawl up in to my top to keep warm and sleep.
She was in my nightgown as I kicked back and crocheted on some socks and listened to your podcast. Zina barked at the end of your podcast and Coco's little head popped up out of my neck opening and she had the cutest confused sleepy look on her face!
Please give Zina a good snuggle for me and tell he thank you for inadvetanttly giving me a good laugh! Grandma Beth


Looking forward to hearing all about Ireland - did you dropo spindle in a pub like you were thinking about doing? Tell us all about your trip. How did you progress on your Stonington shawl?

Also, of course, all about Stitches. I can't believe you did that right after getting home from the Emerald Isle. Whew. You must be tired (but inspired).


Will Knitpicks be attending Stitches SOUTH? The first one ever? One could hope!


I'm jealous! I love Knitter's and think Stiches would be awesome.

Have fun!

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