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September 10, 2008



My vote is for the Balmoral. I have it planned to knit myself. Can't wait to see which one you end up knitting.


Love the Daffodil, but I think I'd go with the Rose of England because of the leaves! Tough decision!

Yes! That is exactly why I decided to put up the choices to vote. It's just a larger version of my wandering around the office asking for opinions.


Sue H

WOW - all three of lovely but I would do Rose of England (first - then the others!)!
Please keep us posted on choice and progress.


I vote for Balmoral! I love the lacy openness of it - it will drape beautifully.


I love the daffodil, so that would be my choice, if I ever had the courage to attempt something so complex.


I vote for the Daffodil one! They are all beautiful of course.


My vote is for Daffodil.....but for some reason the vote counter won't accept my vote.
They are all lovely. Just like the daffodil best.


Sorry to say - none of those are Pi shawls. They are circular - but what determines a "pi shawl" is where the increases occur - and they aren't Pi's.

I voted for "rose of England - namely because it has a bit more interesting knitting then the other two. I've heard the background on the daffodil one drives people nuts; and the large amount of mesh on Balmoral as well.

Hi Mario,

You make a very good point! They are actually circular shawls. But, a beautiful shawl by any other name is still a beautiful shawl! :) And, I am thrilled with all the help I'm getting in making my decision.


Lost Lishy

I voted for Balmoral. Of the three, that one is my favorite.


the rose of england shawl looks like it would be fun to knit so thats what i voted for. :)


I like the thistle the best, but the most challenging seems to be the daffodil. They're all sooo pretty!


You cannot go wrong with any of these.


love love the rose of england, looks most fun to wear as a shawl, I want to make one too. knitalong?

natural state knitter

I voted for Rose of England. The leaves hooked me. I'm so glad that my obsession of lace knitting is contagious. It looks like you are treating the disease with just the right medicine.


I voted for the Thistle shawl. It's gorgeous, and I love the idea of a spiky thistle being reproduced in soft and feminine lace.


They are all lovely. But I like the Thistle one especially.


I voted for Rose of England solely because that's the one I would most want to wear! They are all very lovely shawls.

I think the Balmoral would drive me crazy with the vast area of teeny tiny lace surrounding the central motif.

Grannie Linda Peck

I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROSE OF ENGLAND SHAWL!!! I have been working on it since January. I started it on the plane as we were flying to Kauai. It is a wonderful pattern and I am enjoying every stitch...sans errors!
I vote for THAT one!!!
Grannie Linda

Hi Grannie Linda,

I have heard and read several comments that the patterns in Marianne Kinzel's books, despite their complexity, are free of errors!! That is quite a compliment!!



I'm voting for the Daffodil, only because it stood out at me, but my second choice would be Rose of England. Normally I'd like thistles, but there's a lot of mesh there.


I vote for the Rose Shawl


Hmmm, difficult choice. Whichever one you choose, how about a KAL for it. Could be a lot of fun!


Will there be a knit a long.. This would be a big project for me.

I am not sure about the KAL. I feel like I get it started and then can't keep it going. Umm, it would be more fun to have some company on this project. Let me think about it a bit.



Me personally, I would start all three. I'm just really strange like that.

First time to your blog. Bookmarking it for later surfing.

Hi Denise,

Your blog is very nice! I've bookmarked for myself.



I voted for Rose of England, but in reality, couldn't you combine the patterns, and knit "The Thistle-Daff Rose Shawl"??


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