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October 25, 2008



This is ingenius! I'll be checking out staples to see what they have!


There are also PostIt flags that you can use to mark your place. They work pretty well, but my favorite are the PostIt index tabs that you can write your own label on. The adhesive on them is better than on regular PostIts.

Grannie Linda

Can't wait to see progress!
It is a beautiful color. I am about to start the edging on my Rose of Enland. I will almost hate to see the project done as we have been "buddies" for so long!
Have fun!

Hi Grannie,

Isn't that funny? You said nearly the exact same thing as Elizabeth Zimmermann in one of her DVDs. She was teaching a Pi Shawl and commented that when she got the the edging she always felt a bit sad. So many memories knit into the shawl.



How ingenious! BTW...I love the podcasts and knitpicks.com has become a favorite to this new knitter. Thanks for the affordability of your shop!

Dealonnia Alberson-Cook

Great Ideal. I am trying to figure out a way to do that on my IPOD which I keep my patterns own. I'll keep you posted to the progress, ideals.

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