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January 12, 2009



Been nice following your knitting. I won't be moving to your new blog. If I can't follow it through a consolidator, I don't tend to keep up.

Good luck in the future.

Clumsy Knitter

I second that comment. I enjoy your blog, but with the ~200 blogs I read, I only follow those that I can subscribe to through Google Reader. Best of luck though! I'll still be listening to your podcast. :)

Edith Frost

Yeah I was just about to ask if the other blog had an RSS feed... :-)

randy bragg

Hello fellow blogger, I stopped by your site and thought maybe you would like to swap links with me, after adding http://voiceofbragg.com with the title "Blog Till Death" to your site, message me and I will add yours...have a great day

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now I stay tuned..


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Going right now to your new blog ! :)

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